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Interpretación Sísmica

Aqui encontrará artículos clásicos acerca de diferentes aspectos de la interpretación sísmica y la caracterización sísmica de yacimientos. Casos de estudio, Pitfalls y demás material de importancia práctica.


On one occasion I was invited to listen to a presentation on seismic attributes and my opinion was sought. We were shown a map of attribute 1, then we were shown a map of attribute 2, then we were shown a map of attribute 3. At this point I interjected: “What is the objective of this study and how do these maps relate to that objective?” “I am gather- ing all the evidence for the study of this reservoir” was the response. We were then shown attribute 4, attribute 5, and attribute 6.I could not contain myself any longer: “Could you please explain how you selected these particular attributes?” “Oh, they are all very important!” Then the show continued with attribute 7, attribute 8, attribute 9 .... He was selecting attributes because they existed on his workstation. Sadly, too many workstation users today are button pushers seeking the silver bullet rather than analytical thinkers using the workstation as a tool. 


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